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April Update – Bin vs Bag

Hi all

As autumn falls upon us , Garden clean ups begin and a question asked is a slick Green 240l Wheelie bin more advantage to us than a labourest  awkward to handle 600l Garden Bag . By now you may sense I have a bias towards Green Garden Bins   and you would be right [ but did you spot the pun at the start :}

Some reasons to back up my thoughts

-240l Bins have a smaller capacity than a bag[600l] which makes them more convenient to move around your property – A good tip is to have it beside you while you’re gardening

-Having a lid on your 240l Bin reduces odors of rotting organic matter and eliminates Flies around your greenwaste  Material

-A Garden bag can have up to 600l capacity but this can limit where you can place your bag for collection ,for example its very hard to collect if access is via a narrow pathway ,stairs or steep driveway

-As winter comes its very likely your gaden bag being outside will become wet , making it more ungainly to move and being wet and heavy the risk of ripping it increases unlike a 240l  Wheelie bin which as a weather proof lid and is on wheels

So there you go .wheelie bins all the way I reckon and especially a Greenie Garden Bin


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