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Can You Sow Grass Seed in February

The short answer is yes you can! The typical season to sow new grass is in either early Autumn or Spring when temperatures remain mild . But if the Lawn is to be used for an outdoor event such as a Birthday or Wedding  in the height of summer and said lawn is looking like the Sahara Dessert there is hope it just needs extra care to ensure there is enough moisture for healthy growth.

Firstly choose an active summer-growing grass [Fescue] ,proper soil care helps the germination process – break up any clods & remove weeds. With seed spreading ,spread into the soil to a maximum depth of around 5mm and if possible use a light roller on moist soil as it presses seeds closer to the soil particles for better moisture contact .With the hot summer sun the seeds need to be kept constantly moist until seedlings emerge [around a week]. The use of shade cloth can help to achieve this on smaller lawn areas .

Then in hopefully a month to six weeks time you have picture perfect lawn in time for your guest’s to trample into oblivion during that summer Birthday/Wedding   function – Good luck

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