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December / January Update

Here we are at the end of the year and in the middle of a fairly warm start to a predicted hot dry summer so watering of your Garden is a crucial part of Garden maintenance for this time of year .

Here are some useful tips

Focus your watering on the root zone of your plants . Remember  that its the roots that need access to water ,not so much the leaves

Mornings are the best and most effective time followed by late afternoon /early evening .Avoid the late morning to early afternoon for oblivious reasons .

Plants benefit much more from a slow and deep watering than a quick splash. Also make sure you’re watering deep enough to reach the root ball.

If a summer vacation is going to keep you away for more than a week ,think about asking a neighbour / friend to stop by and water your garden or invest in an automatic timer

Mulching your garden is avery good tool to make the most out of your watering as mulch holds moisture in the soil

Another option I’ve seen landscapers use is to recycle plastic bottles as a deep watering system . Poke holes in the bottle and bury next to plants with the top opening  exposed .Add water to the bottle through the top and the water will leach out deeper into the soil


Happy Holidays from us all at Greenie Garden Bins

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