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Our Garden Bin Services

240 litre Wheelie Bins

GREENIE bins are easy to distinguish from all other bins as they are simply lime green and company branded

Our 240 litre garden wheelie bins (the largest in the market) are compact & easy to move around – you can have it right beside you while you are gardening.

Green Waste Bins From $13

The crew at GREENIE garden bins can offer you service and reliability by guaranteeing collections to a specific day – we are one of the few companies that do this but the only company that “guarantees that if we make a mistake you don’t pay” that’s our money back guarantee for the collection.

We provide you with an account to login to so you can be aware of your pickup dates in advance. Most importantly we email you prior to your collection day with a friendly reminder that we are coming to collect your bin and give you time to be ready

With the wheelie bins you have a choice of different collection options at your property:

Greenie Garden Bin

Kerbside Collections

Please put your bin on the kerbside before 7am on your scheduled collection day – if you forget to put your kerbside, don’t worry, we have an option where we will retrieve it for you if possible. (A small additional charge will be added if this occurs). This means you will not miss collections.

When signing up to GREENIE garden bins you have the options to tick if you do or if you do not want us to retrieve you bin.

Full Service Collections (from on your property)

We will come onto your property and retrieve your bin from where it is situated,(please note we need easy clear access to be able to do this) we will then leave it out at the front of your property on the kerbside, so you know it has been emptied. This means you do not have to worry about putting your bin out, we will do it all for you every time.

We offer six types of garden waste collection service
so there is definitely a collection service that will suit your gardening needs at your property

4 weekly Collections options(13 pickups per year)
  • 4 weekly kerbside collection cycle
    – $13 per collection
  • 4 weekly full-service collection cycle
    – $15 per collection
8 weekly Collections options(6-7 pickups per year)
  • 8 weekly kerbside collection cycle
    – $17 per collection
  • 8 weekly full-service collection cycle
    – $19 per collection
12 weekly Collections options(4-5 pickups per year)
  • 12 weekly kerbside collection cycle
    – $22 per collection
  • 12 weekly full-service collection cycle
    – $24 per collection

*Please note – we bill 3 x collection cycles in advance. When your account is down to zero collections, another 3 x collection cycles will be charged to your account.

We also offer an extra collection service if needed in between scheduled collections – The extra unscheduled collections are charged at a rate of your standard scheduled collection rate + an additional $10 to bring a truck into your area just for this collection – this will be charged to your account and you will be invoiced separately for this service

Green Waste Bins From $13


Greenie Bins Collection Area Map
Greenie Bins Collection Area Map
NZ Owned & Operated

ALL greenwaste collected is recycled
We’re proudly New Zealand owned & operated!

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