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March Update

This Month we look at jobs to do as Autumn arrives on our Doorstep. Now is the perfect time to prepare the winter garden, digging in some compost to replenish nutrients lost such as nitrate/potassium & phosphorus (good compost is high in these 3 key nutrients) is one job to do and of course the lawn & garden clippings you’ve been putting out in your GREENIE GARDEN BINS turned into that good Compost you can buy bagged or in bulk from most Garden & DIY stores.

What veges to plant ? A selection could be beans ,beetroot, garlic even kale . And from a fruit  perspective harvesting of Apples/Pears/Tomatoes should be in full swing during these Autumn months , Even though Citrus is not ready this time of year you should look to fertilise citrus trees now and while you’re at it maybe some fertiliser on that  lawn that has struggled thru a low rainfall summer .

So enjoy some Autumn tasks in preparation for Winter

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