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March Update

Hey ,Started spending abit of time raking leaves – can only mean one thing

AUTUMN is here ;

It’s time to plant a winter Veggie garden. stagger your planting over the next month to help stagger your harvest dates .

Some popular winter vegetable seedings – Broad Beans ,Broccoli, Cabbage, Garlic & Onions to just name a few . Raised gardens are best but as long as your winter vegetable patch has adequate drainage to cope with the high winter rainfall you should be ok. Also make sure your plot is exposed to as much light as possible. Remember once all summer plants have been stripped out and put into a Greenie Garden Bin for recycling ,Dig though a good compost or vegetable mix to enrich the soil .

Handy tip ; Apply Mulch or pea straw to restrict weed growth

Happy Gardening

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