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Mowing season is here


Spring is in the air and so is growth in the lawns. The best time of day to mow your lawn is around mid-morning as any dew or irrigated water will have dried up and hopefully the neighbors are up :) Also it’s before the heat of the day has set in as turf stress can occur when a short lawn is exposed on a hot Sunny day .

How often to mow-this varies season to season ,location and type of grass but generally mowing every second week in summer and every 2-5 weeks from Autumn through Winter is enough.

The simplest rule of thumb is if it looks untidy and in need of a mow-Mow it!

the Ideal lawn height ? Only cut 30-40% of the grass blade each time you cut.If you cut any lower than that you may be reducing your lawns root growth


Happy mowing from the team at Greeniebins



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