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November Update

Its what we walk on most days and if you own a dog it’s what they can frustratingly destroy in a matter of minutes – it’s what the French call Pelouse , But it’s also something mainly left to survive on it’s own . Yes I’m talking about your lawn and spring is the time to show it some love and attention .

Fertilising  is an essential part of lawn maintenance – encouraging growth and healthy grass all year long . Recommended timing for this is autumn to protect your lawn throughout winter and also now [spring] to help boost growth and carry your lawn through the summer months .

To get really tech firstly neutralise   acidic soil by taking a simple ph test and if needed add lime to neutralise and improve soil condition . Then choose a general all purpose lawn fertiliser if your lawn is well established ,any garden centre or DIY supplier will see you right in this area .

A handy tip , if you have a medium to large lawn hire or buy a fertiliser spreader to evenly distribute your fertiliser [ for dry fertiliser only ,liquid fertiliser you need a sprayer]

Grass as a rule is a hardy beast but showing it a bit of love and care once or twice a year is but a small sacrifice and remember all lawn clippings can go into one of our GREENIE GARDEN BINS .

Happy lawn care – go on take the shoes of and walk on that lawn of yours


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