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September Update

Welcome to Spring and Level 3 !

Its been a long time in a) Winter & b) Level 4 ,now we are in level 3 I bet a few treats have been had -Take out coffee + goodies from local cafe in my case . Well come spring its time to treat your garden as well and I always start from the bottom up – SOIL ,well prepared soil is the foundation of your entire garden/lawn . Gardening does not start with a seed in the ground ,it starts with rich soft soil that allows the roots to grow deep enough to soak up nutrients .

3 easy steps to Spring Soil Prep

1) Clear out Weeds – either pull them out or remove with a hoe . Don’t dig up the soil this will just bring new weed seeds to the surface – the idea is to just remove those that are already at the top . Of course those weeds are easily disposed of in one of our  GREENIE GARDEN BINS

2) Loosen the Soil -If its your very first garden , loosen soil to a depth of at least 20-25cm so that roots can reach down .

3) Add Organic Matter – Spring is the ideal time to add organic matter such as compost . add on a day when the soil is moist but not wet .

Now you and your soil is ready for that contactless trip to the Garden Centre for some plants

Happy Gardening

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