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Terms & Conditions

Greenie Garden Bins Ltd is a family owned and operated business that guarantees the personal touch and will respond to all matters personally, for us to be able to offer a guarantee of our service for your greenwaste removal we ask you read and follow as below.

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm      Friday 9:00am– 3:00pm
Saturday & Sunday & Public Holidays – Closed

Greenie Garden Bins Ltd Crew All our crew members will be clearly identified wearing uniforms that include safety for us and for you to identify them easily on and around your property. This is another part of our quality control to ensure a premium service at your property

Contact us: Please quote your customer number, name and address to avoid complications

Collection Schedule/Calendar: When you join Greenie Garden Bins Ltd you will be given customer Login details so, all details are via our online login portal and this will show you dates when your collections are and all the details about your account. If your collection falls on a public holiday, please have it out however collections could run a day late if the recycling stations are closed

Our Services: we offer 4 weekly, 8 weekly and 12 weekly collection cycles either collected Kerbside or Full service collected from on your property

Kerbside Bin Collection service: Please put your bin on the kerbside before 7am on your scheduled collection day – if you forget to put your kerbside, don’t worry, we have an option where we will retrieve it for you if possible. (A small additional charge will be added if this occurs). This means you will not miss collections. When signing up to GREENIE garden bins you have the options to tick if you do or if you do not want us to retrieve you bin.

Full Service Collections (from on your property)
We will come onto your property and retrieve your bin from where it is situated,(please note we need easy clear access to be able to do this) we will then leave it out the front of your property, so you know it has been emptied. This means you do not have to worry about putting your bin out, we will do it all for you every time.

NB to get the bin from your property the bin cannot be up or down any stairs and needs to be able to be removed from your property without any restrictions, please ensure gates are unlocked or we are given the gate code etc so we can gain access, please make sure pets are secure and allow us access/exit.

Delays: If there is a delay in your collection, in which most collections should be done by 6pm on your allocated date, the reason will be either your collection week has a public holiday in it or there has been unforeseen circumstance with the weather, trucks, tip closure or with our team and we will endeavour to do your collection ASAP. If you have concerns please contact the office either by Login, email, or phone.

Over Full Bins: The lid of the bin should be able to close properly, any excess waste in the bins needs to be removed before it can be emptied, unfortunately this will be left beside your bin

Extra Collections Can be arranged by contacting the office and will arrange a time and date for this (extra charges will apply). Please note if you have an extra collection you must maintain your next scheduled collection as well.

Cancellations: Our discounted collection prices are based on an annual collection schedule, therefore the dates on the cycle you are on are fixed dates – it may be possible to change collection cycles depending on the cycle you are on

NB: For up to date account/collection information please login in to your online account at any stage to see all your specific details at

Contamination: Our service is to collect recyclable organic green waste in bins, which means there are certain items that cannot be recycled so we are unable to take – Flax, bamboo, cabbage tree leaves, rocks, dirt, household rubbish, paper, plastic, tin, branches bigger than 100mm in diameter, hard material, compost, pet litter, concrete,  soil etc. If any of these are found in the bin they will be removed if they can’t easily be removed from bin the full fee will apply and you need to ensure that in the next collection date they are removed and your bin contains green organic garden waste only.

Payment: All charges are based on an ongoing rental service and will be for a minimum of three collections in advance, we ask you make full payment prior to collection dates due. If your account is on a zero dollar balance, if one collection is missed we will allow collections still to be done, you will receive reminders to pay overdue amounts plus a minimum of three collections in advance, Should your account fall more than two collections outstanding, collections may cease but monthly charges may still incur. All payments are to be made via our bank account or posted to our P O Box, details will always be available on your account login portal.

Termination: When joining Greenie Garden Bins you agree to have a minimum of six scheduled collections before termination or the balance of the six collections will be due before termination, Please note the service will end on your next scheduled collection date allocated and the bin will be removed from the property. Please ensure the termination is done within a prepaid cycle to avoid extra charges. Please ensure the termination is done via email and that you have received email confirmation. If we are unable to retrieve our bin from your property on the date allocated there will be additional charges added to your account until the final collection is done.

Lost Bin Charges: $90.00

Refund: Our collection services are contracted and prepaid for in blocks of minimum 3 collections therefore there are no refunds – these are transferable if possible. Before termination you must have had a minimum of six collections with Greenie Garden Bins Ltd, please note final collection is charged at your normal rate even if the bin is empty.

Overdue accounts -If your account falls two collections overdue for payment, we may cease or suspend pick-ups until your account is up-to-date. However, you will incur the normal scheduled collection costs until such time as you notify us of your situation. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Greenie Garden Bins Ltd in recovery or attempted recovery of overdue money, including credit collection agency and/or solicitors costs, shall be paid by you in full.

Greenie Garden Bins Ltd reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions if and when will be displayed at

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