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June Update – Winter Rose Pruning

There is a saying in relation to pruning Rose ”Prune in June” which is partly true as Auckland is more Temperate than other cooler parts of the country so in reality it is better to prune late June/early July as this reduces the risk that new tender growth will develop which may then be damaged if it gets cooler suddenly .

Before pruning it is recommended to spray organic oil + copper to reduce risk of fungal & pest problems – this should be done now in early June in preparation for pruning later in the month .

Of course  pick a dry sunny day and make sure your tools [Secateurs ,loppers ] are clean and sharp ,maybe wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from thorns .  Remove/cutout any dead, damaged or diseased shoots 1st . Always  cut back to a viable bud on a 45 degree angle and you should aim to at least shorten back branches  by at least one third .

When finished either spray again with copper or lime sulfur to seal wounds [large cuts should be painted] . To reward your rose remember to spread a generous handful of sheep pellets or slow release fertilizer

Of course all those cuttings can go in your Greenie Garden Bin for us to dispose of . Just think of us as the ”Rose among the Thorns” as we carry your prunings away

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